Melton / Women Composers (Horn Quartet)

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Women Composers

Transcribed for
Horn Quartet
by William Melton

4 Hörner / 4 Horns

Stimmensatz (Horn 1 - 4)

© 2018
ee 218010
ISMN M-700196-97-4




This album of 24 transcriptions for horn quartet brings unsung works to concert programs. Whether composed by a 17th century nun, 18th century aristocrat, 19th century virtuoso, or 20th century activist, the collection offers a choice sampling of the quality and variety of music created by women.

The three chapters in this volume offer sacred, occasional and concert music.Varied styles can be a blessing for the audience as well as the performers, so selections here span the eras of Maddalena Casulana (born ca. 1544) through Lili Boulanger (born 1893).


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