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Humperdinck, Engelbert

Schneewittchen (Snow White)
Songs of the Dwarfs
(Text: Adelheid Wette)

for children's choir and piano
[original version]

Duration total (8 songs):
ca. 13'

Vocal score

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ee 221020
ISMN 979-0-700415-15-1



The most famous creation of the siblings Adelheid Wette and Engelbert Humperdinck is indisputably the fairy tale opera Hänsel und Gretel. After a world premiere in Weimar on December 23, 1893, the opera scored successes across the globe and still holds a notable place in the international repertory. Yet Hänsel und Gretel was not the only fairy tale collaboration of the Humperdinck siblings. On November 30, 1888, Wette wrote to her brother with a request for a handful of songs to embellish her extended fairy tale, Schneewittchen (Snow White). Humperdinck responded with eight ingenuous, folklike solos and duets written for children’s (the dwarfs’) voices, published here in its first edition.

The edition is augmented with the text of Ludwig Bechstein (Adelheid Wette’s preferred source of the tale), to enable inclusion in small concerts.


Available as additional single part:

(Choir) vocal part
ee 221021



Orchestral version:

Schneewittchen (Snow White)
Lieder der Zwerge (Songs of the dwarfs)

for children's voices and chamber orchestra
[Arr.: Dario Salvi]

ee 221022


Fary tale play (text [German language]):

Fary Tale Play in five acts
by Adelheid Wette

ee 221025
ISBN 978-3-9808379-34



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