Anschütz / Les Adieux

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Anschütz, Karl Friedrich

Les Adieux. Impromptus

Klarinette (o. Violine),
Bassetthorn (o. Violoncello, o. Viola)
und Klavier

Piano score and parts

© 2009
ee 209020
ISMN M 700196-50-9



Das Trio ist auch bestens geeignet als Zugabestück

nach einem erfolgreichen Trio-Konzert in der jeweils
gewünschten Besetzung.


Part of preface:

Karl Friedrich Anschütz (Charles Anschuez), born in Koblenz in 1818, received his musical education in the 1830s in Dessau with the resident Court Kapellmeister Friedrich Schneider. For a number of years Anschütz led the Koblenz Concert Society founded by his father Johann Andreas Anschütz in 1808 (and still in existence as the Koblenz Musical Institute), before leaving Germany for good in 1848. First active in London, he went to New York in 1857 as conductor of the Strakosch-Ullmann Opera Society, where he furthered the cause of German opera in American musical life before his death in 1870.

The compositions that Anschütz left behind include a number of Lieder, piano pieces and concert overtures. The Les Adieux. Impromptu, a short piece for clarinet (or violin), cello and piano was published by Simrock of Bonn [PN 3548] in 1839 and dedicated to his Dessau schoolmate and prominent Lieder composer Robert Franz. Framed by a prologue and epilogue, the two solo instruments hold their poetic conversation in ballad-like fashion before finally taking their musical Adieux.

In addition to the original parts (clarinet in A or violin, and cello), this edition also includes a transposed version for clarinet in B flat, as well as alternate versions for basset horn in F or viola as replacements for the cello.


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