Dimler / Quartett [1798]

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Dimler, Franz Anton
(1753 - 1827)

Quartett [1798]
First edition print

Klarinette in B, Violine,
Viola und Violoncello

Score and parts

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Franz Anton Dimler (1753 – 1827) came from a family of musicians employed in the court orchestras of Mannheim and Munich. After studies with the hornist and court musician Joseph Ziwny, Dimler received a post alongside his teacher as a hornist in the Mannheim Hofkapelle. Dimler most probably studied composition under Georg Joseph (Abbé) Vogler at the “Mannheimer Tonschule” established by the latter in 1775. The Hofkapelle was moved to Munich by Elector Karl Theodor in 1778, and Dimler followed several years later, resuming his post this time as a contrabass player.

Dimler was known in Munich as a prolific composer of works for ballet as well as of operas and operettas that were popular with his contemporaries. In addition some chamber works and instrumental concerti have survived. His compositions show Dimler to be a late and traditional representative of the Mannheim School in style and conception. The Quartet for Clarinet and Strings is published here for the first time. As with all of the composer’s music for solo clarinet, it was undoubtedly written for Dimler’s son Anton, also a member of the Munich Hofkapelle.

The manuscript, which is now housed in the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris, bears the date 1798. This first edition appends dynamics and articulation markings in a small number of cases where these were only sketchily indicated in the original.


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