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Zehm, Friedrich

Fünf Studien

für Klarinette solo


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The composer Friedrich Zehm (1923-2007) was born in Neusalz on the Oder. A close relationship with woodwinds can be detected throughout his entire compositional output, which was stimulated by personal contacts and friendships with members of the woodwind fraternity.

The broad spectrum of Zehm's compositional interests is not bound by the typical limitations of concert life; teaching and learning are contributing factors as well. A rich palette of chamber music for and including woodwinds is the result, ranging from simple pieces for the pupil to demanding wind literature that includes a series of ensemble works and trios for various woodwind combinations.

Though his studies in Salzburg and Freiburg with Paul Hindemith and Harald Genzmer undoubtably influenced Zehm's style, he possesses an undeniable personal voice in his treatment of rhythm and sonority, often clothed in a goodly portion of humor.

Friedrich Zehm was reader and advisor to the music publisher B. Schott's Söhne in Mainz from 1963 until 1985, and afterwards lived in Wiesbaden as an independent composer. In addition to the editions that appear here, several yet-unpublished works for woodwinds are in preparation at edition ebenos.


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