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Since the founding of the music publisher edition ebenos in 2000 by the clarinetist Philipp Zehm, the publication of music and literature for the clarinet and for the horn has been the central focus.

Additionally, particularly well represented in our catalogue is the composer Friedrich Zehm (1923-2007), whose further previously-unpublished works are in preparation.
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Current projects like the new editions of orchestral works by the Aachen-born renowned conductor and composer Leo Blech (1871-1958), occasioned by his 150th birthday anniversary, also augment the publishing program.


The catalog of edition ebenos offers:

  • Original first editions
  • New works by contemporary composers of all stylistic directions
  • Previously out of print compositions in new, carefully edited editions
  • Attractive arrangements in myriad instrumental combinations
  • Specialist literature about the clarinet and the horn


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